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Fighting lead poisoning with better testing for everybody

Lead Pollution

is a Crisis

1 in 3 children (800.000.000) suffer from lead poisoning worldwide
900.000 premature deaths per year
1-3% GDP loss per year due to lead-related problems

Reference: UNICEF: The Toxic Truth


can be hiding everywhere

Lead can be hiding around us, in houses, gardens, toys, cooking ware, batteries, electronics, and industrial sites.
1 in 3 houses in the USA is at risk of containing lead paint.
All these sources of lead can inflict lead poisoning.


is toxic

Even short exposure to small concentrations of lead can inflict large and permanent damage to the brain and vital organs.

Lumetallix: Spray, and see lead light up

Simple, accurate, fast, and accessible for everybody

LumetalliX test kit
LumetalliX testing in the field
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